Whitening Gel

Are you tired of having teeth that just do not look white? Perhaps your teeth lack that zip that other people have and you want to create a whiter, brighter look no matter where you are. Using the Easy Apply Whitening Gel together with Stella White Light will help you get the color you are looking for.

With a simple design and a highly effective whitening gel, Easy Apply is the ideal solution for many people. It is a complete teeth whitening solution in one brush. It is a fast system that takes on a few minutes to begin creating the results you want in a brighter and cleaner smile. It is easy to use overall. The product uses a proven bleaching gel that is enamel safe and designed to minimize any sensitivity. Easy Apply uses oxygenating action to help clean teeth gently and effectively. Use it alongside traditional dental appointments and proper brushing to create a whiter smile that helps you to have the teeth you are longing for.

It has never been easier to get a radiant and white smile at home, just like that which you have when using professional whitening treatments at the dentist.

How to Use Gel Applicator Pen

To use the Gel Applicator Pen, simply loosen the cap on the product and apply the gel directly to the teeth. This product’s easy design allows for users to place the gel on the teeth and is recommended to be used together with the Stella White Light.


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